Rise at Divercity Photography Shoot – Behind the scenes by
Laura Bissett

November 27, 2012
Branding & Advertising

When we were briefed to launch the final stage at Divercity, we knew it had to something special. Given the positive change and growth in Waterloo over the recent years, coupled with the success of Divercity, RISE at Divercity was a natural fit. Here is our story of how we brought the name to life with a more than ordinary photography shoot.

Blog Inc. Rise at Divercity photograhy shoot

Blog Inc. Rise at Divercity photograhy shoot

Blog Inc. Rise at Divercity photograhy shoot

Blog Inc. Rise at Divercity photograhy shoot

The creative needed to be as powerful as our name to stand out in market and build awareness around the final stage at Divercity, RISE. Our idea was to capture a man and a woman at the moment of weightlessness, featured against the fantastic views from Divercity.

As the idea of talent jumping on a trampoline, at a building site ten stories high in the air, would have broken every health and safety rule possible, we opted for a studio and a green screen.

Before we could start with the studio, we needed to capture the perfect view shot that would work with our composition. This meant an early start of 5am on the roof of Divercity’s current building site.

Once we were happy with the view shot, we moved to the studio where we shot the talent on a trampoline against a green screen. It was important to ensure the lighting matched our view shot and it required ten crew members to ensure the final shot was perfect, from lighting to styling to composition.

The result was fantastic, as you can see from the artwork showcased; the finished creative was clean, powerful and effective.


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