Off-the-plan apartment buyer research study with Fairfax. by
Laura Bissett

May 10, 2013

This quarter, Metropolis and Domain from Fairfax Media are conducting a research study into the way off-the-plan apartment buyers are using print media to connect with apartment projects.

Through this study, we are seeking a deeper understanding – from a buyer’s perspective – of the way they use print media, in conjunction with other mediums to connect with new apartment projects.

Beyond buyer behaviour and media consumption, we are also testing the opinions of, and reactions to, different display ad creative, to the extent of using eye testing to see what elements of print ads attract their attention.

Initially, we have conducted a series of focus groups with new apartment ‘seekers’ and ‘buyers’ in NSW and VIC. The results of these groups are then being used derive insights and formulate a quantitative online survey.

Next steps are to send the survey to the databases of our ‘project partners’ which include some of the country’s major project marketers and developers to establish a sample of seekers / buyers / owner-occupiers / investors of n = 1,000.

Thus far, we have not seen nor heard of a qualitative and quantitative study that explores specific media consumption habits of off-the-plan apartment buyers.

If you are interested in receiving a presentation on the results please send me an email [email protected]

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