Metropolis attends AGDA night: The Power of Pecha Kucha by
Laura Bissett

June 28, 2013
Branding & Advertising

Last night we headed to the Sydney AGDA event in Surry Hills to find out ‘The Power of Pecha Kucha’, for me it was pretty powerful. Six creative leaders presenting for 6m40sec each using 20 slides (20sec/slide) to share their perspectives on the future of Design.

But it wasn’t so much their take on the future of design that left a lasting impression (though their perspectives were very interesting) strangely enough for me, it was the importance of being able to communicate your ideas and point of view in an engaging way. Some of the presenters were so good, that you would have bought into anything they had to say. It highlighted for me the need for creatives and designers to be able to confidently communicate their ideas verbally and not just rely on their designs to sell the idea to the client. The selling of the idea is as key for the designer as it is for the ‘Suit’.

The other message I took away was how important it is for graduates to not only learn and develop their skills but to be focused on exploring and generating ideas and then to know how to communicate and voice those ideas….. to have an opinion.

I am looking forward to implementing Pecha Kucha into some of our internal agency presentations, it will be interesting to see the team improve their ability to communicate their ideas succinctly and create impact.

Mei-ling Billing, General Manager


When I saw the line up of the speakers, I knew these were a few opinions that I really wanted to hear on a subject that is definitely on the minds of every designer working in 2013. 

It’s an interesting topic – are the old approaches of design and branding no longer working? Are you stepping up to the new variables of graphic design? Are you embracing multi-channel thinking and getting your clients brands to engage in conversation with their consumers? 

There were many interesting points and perspectives given on the night but the main take out for me was that a good idea will always be king. It’s also about making sure that you have a clear insight into the people you are trying to engage with and knowing exactly what you want to achieve. To create a brand that really resonates it’s about communicating the right messages, visual aesthetic and brand voice and then reach that audience in the most effective forum. Selecting the brand touch points suitable for that audience is about knowing which medium will most appeal to them. A brand aimed at a group of mum and dad investors for example, may not engage with a social media campaign like a brand for a young creative crowd. 

There is no point rolling a campaign out across all digital platforms just for the sake of it –  it’s about giving a brand the voice it needs in the right medium to make a real connection. As the landscape of the future of design constantly evolves, it’s up to us as designers to respond to the world around us in all it’s forms and bring that to our work. The best way to do this is to immerse yourself in the world of popular culture around you – live what you do. To become an expert on what digital medium is best for a brand is to engage with it yourself and be open to the new ones that will continue to present themselves. 

Karen VanEsveld, Head of Design

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