AGDA Talk: Digital Meets Design. by
Laura Bissett

August 9, 2013


The month of the July brought with it a selection of industry events, including an AGDA talk presented by Cornwell’s Steven Cornwell and Anthony Nelson.

The talk had a digital design focus, communicating how traditional graphic design and digital media are colliding and how partnerships can be formed across multiple disciplines. Hosted by the Australian Museum, the talk focused on collaborative design processes and integrating over-arching design theories into technology-based platforms.

The 4 Metropolites in attendance, Karen Van Esveld (Head of Design), Helena Dodd (Digital Producer), Eddy Respondek (Senior Digital Developer) and Max Rolon (Digital Developer) came away from the event with a sense of confidence about the way we are approaching digital product creation as an agency.

The talk served as a confirmation of our collaborative approach to design processes as well as providing answers to recurring questions such as when to address the design of digital products with-in campaign timelines. The notion of story-telling served as an undercurrent for the entire talk. Both presenters highlighted the importance of treating digital technologies as the modern medium to share and create stories; utilising platforms that effectively allow users to feedback to the campaign in new and most importantly, fun interactions.

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