Metropolis runs City2Surf by
Laura Bissett

August 14, 2013

Now, fully recovered and glowing in our post-race euphoria, we are proud to announce that 6 Metropolites completed with City2Surf with great results.

The event marked the first long distance race for some of us and a great personal goal to achieve.Finished artist David Cunningham ran to raise money for the Cancer Council and General Manager Mei-ling Billing completed the entire course pushing a pram. Managing Director James Cooper flew in with a time of 69 minutes, with Digital Developer Max Rolon close behind, gliding into second place with a time of 74 minutes. Designer Zoe Anderson ran in at 85 minutes while Account Manager Abbie Neale did exceptionally well to finish the race with a foot injury.

With 14km now under our belts, the half marathon in September is the next challenge awaiting.

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