Brilliant production starts with brilliant design by
Laura Bissett

September 9, 2013

Our latest College Inc. session focused on the importance of the relationship between design and production as a means to develop and ensure the optimum result when creating physical media such as print, and environmental graphics.

During the presentation, we used a selection of our recent works as a way to explore the effectiveness of various production standards and techniques. By referencing our own work in this way, we were able to demonstrate how carefully considered production methods, chosen via strong collaborative inter-team processes, enhanced each design.

There are many production variables to consider, such as substrates and finishing techniques, when bringing a design to life. However, in certain instances, using a clever combination of just a few production executions, and a considered approach, can go a long way to achieving a more refined and impactful outcome. ‘Less is more’ can often be the perfect solution.

Throughout the session we discussed how:

  • textured substrates can evoke a sense of rawness or refinement;
  • reflective, translucent, and opaque forms can reinforce the effectiveness of 3D display work;
  • tactile and organic materials can determine or strengthen a brands messaging;
  • recycled and recyclable materials can produce environmentally sustainable designs;
  • practical and proven materials can provide sturdy solutions to withstand environmental elements;
  • the use of light and sound can determine the energy, or ambiance, of an environmental install.

Click here to view some of our latest work.

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