Design your dream home online by
Laura Bissett

September 16, 2013

At Metropolis, we are consistently striving to find new and innovative technologies that inspire us and help our clients with their business. One idea we have suggested, that would be a useful in marketing our clients projects, is an app or website that would allow potential buyers to design and customise their own apartment using existing floor plans.

Through research, we discovered a range of interactive phone apps and websites that offer the user the ability to customise their apartment or house. One of the better examples we found was called Autodesk Homestyler. This program allows you to design your own floor plan from scratch, but also to create your dream home which you can view in 2D, 3D and even in a 360-degree perspective as if you were standing in the room itself.

The app allows you to redesign spaces from photographs of your own home or create something completely new. You can interior decorate with high quality 3D models of real furniture products, covering everything from couches to paintings. You can also share your designs with friends for feedback on multiple social media channels.

This example is just one of many emerging technologies in this space giving us a glimpse of how technology will change property marketing in the future.

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