GASA Printovation Awards 2013 by
Laura Bissett

October 11, 2013




Earlier this year, our Producer Andrew Wallace, entered three of our unique print pieces into the GASA Printovation Awards 2013. These awards celebrate innovation in Australian print, and is the perfect opportunity for designers and printers to showcase their work.

It’s always great to be recognised by your peers, so it was a nice surprise to be chosen as finalists. Further to this, we were invited to attend the gala dinner and awards presentation.

The gala dinner was a mixture of paper geeks, creatives, and printers who’d all come together to appreciate the art of print and no sooner had we been shown to our table, the awards began to be presented.

The presentations quite literally started with a bang as, upon accepting the first award, the lucky recipients dropped their glass plaque to the floor. Fortunately it didn’t break, but it did raise a laugh from the assembled crowd.

Metropolis received an award, in the category of Highly Commended in Offset, for a brochure and box set, we created for Rise at Divercity.

Throughout the evening, each table had been asked to complete a short quiz based on famous icons and, with a perfect score, we were the winners. Each of us was given a beautiful bottle of wine as a prize for our efforts.

As the night drew to a close, everybody was invited to take a closer look at each of the finalist’s work. There were some really interesting pieces on display, and it was great to talk with the people that had created them.

So often the hard work that goes into producing cost effective, yet beautiful, print pieces goes largely under appreciated.

The countless hours spent conceptualising, costing, designing, and art-working these pieces is significant. However, when the production values reflect this level of effort, and the final piece is featured at events such as these, it makes it all worth it.

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