Should you put all your eggs in one basket? by
Laura Bissett

December 19, 2013


On Thursday November 21, James our Managing Director and I attended the Annual SAGE (Secrets of Agency Excellence) Conference at the Hilton in Sydney. The line up of speakers was like a who’s who of advertising, so I was excited to hear about what they thought or had learnt along the way about running a successful agency.

There was plenty of great insights and debate throughout the day but the session that interested me the most was from Sean Cummins and Adam Ferrier of CumminsRoss. The focus of their session was about ‘Putting the genie back in the bottle’.

The discussion focused on how it has been almost three decades since media first moved out of most full-service agencies. With the lines between paid and earned media continuing to blur how clients can capitalise, they questioned what the right agency model is to deliver this.

Sean said CumminsRoss is a one-stop-shop agency responsible for all aspects of their client’s brands. He said their clients have been able to see the benefits of returning to the traditional agency model that had served clients well in the past where the agency was responsible for strategy, creative, digital, media and production.

With budgets being tightened and agencies becoming even more accountable for client dollars and results, how impactful is the multi-agency model and who has time and resources to manage all those agencies?

At Metropolis, we agree with CumminsRoss and offer our clients a one-stop-shop model because we feel by being in control of the ideas and channel selection as well as the digital strategy and development we have better control of the outcomes for our clients.

Should clients be cautious of giving all the responsibility to one agency? In my opinion, no. They should feel a greater sense of partnership, collaboration and accountability for the results and also enjoy the time that’s put back into their day by not having to manage multiple agencies, write multiple briefs and attend multiple meetings.

I know the trust our clients have in our team to deliver has led to stronger partnerships and ultimately better results. For those of you out there feeling stretched, over-worked and worried about your workload next year – maybe it’s time to put the genie back in the bottle and give the one-stop-shop agency model a go.

Written by Metropolis General Manager – Mei-ling Billing.

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