Laura Bissett

March 21, 2014

At Metropolis we enjoy the opportunity to work with fabulous partners. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with talented photographer, John Fryz, for a few years now on projects varying from huge trucks to lavish events – he’s even snapped a fair few Metropolites.


Photographer: John Fryz

What makes a photographer a good one?

Obvious technical and creative ability, one who is flexible to work with and who understands the process of collaboration and delivering to client expected outcomes, and one who contributes and adds value by bringing valid suggestions, advice and problem solving input to the table.


What are your photoshoot essentials?

A clear and agreed brief, schedule and budget, a good crew and commitment to a weather plan if it’s a location shoot (and a big box of humour never goes astray).


What was the first photograph you remember taking?

It was on a primary school excursion to Wisemans Ferry with my school mate John Fleming. I used a box brownie and the film didn’t transport properly so every frame had some double exposure of the next. Looked – ummm –  ‘different’.


What is the favourite photograph you’ve taken and why?

Jump (pictured below in black & white) – just the looks on people’s faces in the crowd, it is that split second in time recorded.


Best photography destination on earth?

I would say somewhere like Iceland or Antarctica, somewhere far removed from our local area, for the landscape and light differences.


If you were to take a self portrait, where would you take it?

“The ledge”, with a big fish. Booti Booti National Park, NSW North Coast.


Have you ever used “Would you like Fryz with that?” as a pick up line?

No, but my sister in law uses it all the time!


To see more of John’s work, visit johnfryz.com


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