Stephan Lange

March 12, 2014

This month, we asked two of our talented Metropolites to share their insights into what ‘Best in Class’ means to them and how our team at Metropolis strives to be the best at what we do.


Gareth Begent, Account Director & Sarah Christopher, Account Executive


How would you define ‘Best in Class’?

Sarah – By exceeding the expectations of your colleagues, clients and employers. To me, it’s not comparing your own work and just thinking it’s the best. Rather, it’s fulfilling the set requirements and also pushing beyond what was originally required to deliver the absolute.

Gareth – I would define ‘Best in Class’ as a product or service that is considered to be superior over its competitors within a specific category.


What does your team do to ensure the work delivered is ‘Best in Class’?

Sarah – We ensure we meet all necessary requirements set out by our clients, on top of providing additional advice and recommendations that will ultimately make their work lives easier and more enjoyable. Part of our job is to make our clients’ brand the best in the industry and by providing distinctive and noteworthy concepts; we will deliver the best work.

Gareth –  1. Strong category knowledge – we live and breathe property. Our expertise and proven track record come with years of experience in this space. We have developed a deep understanding of the property market and our clients needs. 2. Highly innovative – we offer a unique user-friendly campaign and media management system that allows clients to streamline marketing campaigns and improve efficiencies. We are continually investing and improving on this innovative tool.


What brands do you consider to be ‘Best in Class’ and why?

Sarah – I’ve always considered Pixar as a brand that creates extraordinary and mind blowing concepts for every film they have produced. The notable and clever animation has earned an array of awards and acknowledgements. Some say that cartoons are for kids, but I would sit down to a Pixar film any day!

Gareth – Google, Nike, Apple, Ikea and Virgin. Each of these brands has three major characteristics: a clear vision, innovative and always evolving.

  • Vision – brands with a vision embody a clear direction and point of view on the world. For example Nike’s vision is to inspire and help people compete and win.
  • Innovative – these brands are some of the most innovative in the world and are continually inventing new products and ways of doing things to benefit consumers.  For example Apple is continually innovating itself with every new product launch i.e. iPad/ibeacon.
  • Dynamic – brands need to be constantly evolving and changing to keep up with consumer demand and market trends. Each of the brands above epitomizes this dynamism.


What makes Metropolis Inc. ‘Best in Class’?

Sarah – The mix of talent, personalities and dedication amongst the staff makes Metropolis Inc. best in class. We strive to push past the limit to create incomparable work that goes beyond the expectations of all colleagues, clients and employers.

Gareth – Metropolis Inc. has an individual appeal that reflects our deep connection with property. We stick to what we know. We pride ourselves on being a boutique, full service agency that specialises in property marketing communications. Our people, our relationships and our service offering ensure that our work remains best in class.

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