Laura Bissett

April 12, 2014

As the role of digital becomes an increasingly prevalent part of a brand’s experience, so too does the importance of collaboration between designers and developers. Ironically, the cultural divide between designers and developers is arguably the most obvious in agency land. So what helps us to collaborate effectively? Aside from morning group hugs, Friday night tequila shots and endearing nicknames, here are the things that strengthen digital collaboration at Metropolis.

Sharing inspiration. Be it Beyonce’s blog, a cool new web-font or an impressive parallax effect, our teams are constantly sharing. While it may not always be useful or relevant, encouraging sharing helps foster a collaborative culture.

Education. There is always something a developer can learn about design, and always something a designer can learn about technology. Via our monthly training program, College Inc. we take it in turns to provide short training sessions.

Collaborative work space. Our designers and developers share one collaborative workspace, making it easy to talk and share ideas.

Involvement throughout the whole process. In any digital project, designers and developers will be involved in the process from start to finish.

Focus on usability and brand. At the end of the day, it comes down to two things, usability and brand. Keeping this front of mind always ensures that we collaboratively develop experiences that are enjoyable to use, and enhance our client’s brands.

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