Matt Cullen

April 16, 2014

Metropolis Senior Account Manager, Mark Alfonso has been working with the University of Western Sydney on their ‘Werrington Park Corporate Centre’.

Greater Western Sydney is Australia’s third largest economy and continues to rapidly grow and evolve. With its population set to increase by almost 1 million between now and 2036, it offers a wealth of sustainable opportunities for forward-thinking and innovative enterprises.

Werrington Park Corporate Centre has been designed to help meet the region’s demand for new high-tech industries and knowledge-economy jobs in an affordable and cost-effective location.

In a Western Sydney first – Werrington Park Corporate Centre will incorporate a Business Development Incubator, focusing on the development of new entrepreneurial ventures in the e-health, bio-medical and health sciences, digital communications and intelligent engineering sectors.

The idea of an incubator is to cross-pollinate different individuals with a focus on different market segments in an environment where they can freely collaborate and bounce ideas off each other and, not only that, also provide the opportunity to work with each other on projects.

The University of Western Sydney has recognised the potential opportunity of this for its graduates and is a strong supporter for the development of business and creation of jobs in Western Sydney, in line with the Australian Government’s Suburban Jobs Program.

Visit for more information and stay tuned for a great new website coming soon.

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