The Power of Paid Search and Site Retargeting by
Stephan Lange

May 19, 2014

Everyday we are creating endless ways to harness the power of the consumer through media. When it comes to digital media in the property industry, there are two distinct forms we like to use to target and engage potential buyers who show clear interest in the development we are marketing: Paid Search and Site Retargeting.

Search and Site Retargeting are two highly effective ways of converting web searchers and site visitors into purchasers. There is a difference between the two and both enable us to follow users who are actively searching for our product, or other products relevant to our product.

Search Retargeting enables us to shadow users who are searching the web and using keywords or phrases relevant to the development. Whereas, Site Retargeting follows those individuals who have landed on our website, but leave without registering.

How successful are these retargeting methods in the property industry? After running a 3 month Paid Search and Site Retargeting campaign for a new residential project, we monitored the behavioural search trends of potential buyers. We used our ad and followed those who searched property related topics and those who left on our website without registering. By the end of the campaign, we received an overwhelming response through Paid Search and Site Retargeting including 12,000+ clicks and 1000+ registrations.

It’s safe to say that the current state of digital media is enlivening the way advertisers reach a more targeted audience. Try combining Search and Site Retargeting with striking creative in your campaign to increase brand awareness and also boost results in website traffic and conversions.

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