Stefania Perrone

February 15, 2016

WHERE: Grand Duk
WHAT: The Grand Beef Burger (also sampled was the Vietnamese Fried Chicken Burger)
RATING: In contention
REVIEWER: Stefania Perrone – Account Executive

Blogger_Stefania Perrone

After indulging in mid-week burgers for a colleague’s birthday, BAS Friday almost didn’t happen; but then it did because we take our commitment to finding the perfect burger in the CBD very seriously here at Metropolis. Five burgers and sixteen napkins later, our table was somewhat divided.

James Cooper MD declared he had found ‘the best chicken burger in the CBD,’ which I thought was a pretty bold statement considering we still have so much ground to cover. I stuck with a humble beef burger, and I must say, I wasn’t overly blown away, it isn’t ‘THE ONE’.

Grand Duk - Chicken BurgerJames Cooper (L), Mark Cairns (R).

When I picture the day I find ‘the perfect burger’ I think of a rolling montage of our years as we grow old together and a Coldplay song playing in the background. This burger wasn’t it. Don’t get me wrong- it was good. The meat was tender and the Grand Duk ‘special sauce’ added a layer of condimental mystery to the meal. It was enjoyable, but not a game changer. I lament that I have to begin the first of our BAS Friday reviews on a note of uncertainty, but I would award this burger a 3/5, which may not align with the views of the rest of the burger enthusiasts present at the time.

The real magic in my opinion was happening at the table next to us. As we got up to leave I spied something that can only described as ethereal. I literally forgot my motor abilities as I stared at this dessert – deep fried Coconut Ice cream rolled in shredded coconut, and topped with salted caramel sauce. Sorry, what? Did the gods get together for a heavenly flavour convention and the outcome was this desert that descended down from the skies and on to our neighbour’s plates? Without even trying it I award it a 6/5.

I snuck a candid photo of it to prove that I’m not exaggerating. You’re welcome.

Grand Duk - Desert

Grand Duk- Beef Burger


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