Stand Out by Redii

Metropolis Staff Recognition Program

Published: 19th December 2019

As a bunch of dedicated, enthusiastic and motivated individuals, our team at Metropolis definitely align with the idea of work hard, play hard.

The important take-away from this is ensuring each person in the business is rewarded for their contribution and hard work, in a way that fits their own individual values and beliefs.

Working in a fast-paced industry like property means our team are required to stay on-the-ball and operate in an ever-changing environment, efficiently. This is why we make sure to recognise and reward stand-out moments across the business – in particular, those involving collaboration between and support amongst colleagues.

This is where Redii and our tailored Metropolis program – ‘Stand Out’ – come into play.

Redii is the brainchild of Naomi Simpson and her team at RedBalloon. Built for high-performing teams and using peer-to-peer recognition to drive productivity, the platform was created as an internal software tool that would be able to support RedBalloon’s employee framework.

At Metropolis, we use Redii to celebrate and support both the big and small achievements of our team.

Every employee who begins at Metropolis will go through our induction process, which not only incorporates how we work, but also focuses on how best to recognise your peers (the people that help get it done)!

The Redii platform works via a points system and Metropolis’ management team distribute a ‘kitty’ of ‘reward’ points to each staff member, so they can use them to recognise and reward their colleagues.

There are several ways in which an individual can recognise someone. Whether you’re just wanting to send an encouraging message of “cheers” and make someone’s day, or alternatively recognise them with the ‘peer-to-peer’ 50 points option for a great job they did – a little recognition goes a long way. Additionally, you can nominate someone for the monthly “MVP” award – this award comes with a higher value of points and is presented to 2 people across the team, each month. MVP recipients are deemed to be contributing over-and-above the everyday demands of the role and are working aligned with the Metropolis Values.

The best part of Redii is that as you accrue points, these can be ‘cashed-in’ via the platform’s online store – which allows the individual to determine how their points are spent. Points can either be exchanged for vouchers, experiences or gifts.

It’s a fun way to promote an inclusive and positive culture in a high-performing business environment, with a focus on support, teamwork and driving growth whilst remaining aligned with the business values and vision.

Over the last year, we’ve seen staff across the business rewarded with thousands of points and in every instance, they’ve owned the opportunity to decide how their rewards are spent.

We can’t recommend Redii highly enough and look forward to working with this program for years to come.