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Advertising launch for the Sydney Light Rail

Published: 19th December 2019

Some exciting news has hit Sydney! After 58 years the light rail has returned to the heart of the CBD.

The rail network runs along a 12km route, with 19 stops extending from Circular Quay along George street to Central station with a direct route out to Randwick in the Eastern Suburbs. The launch of this new public transport system not only will improve the daily commute for a big number of Sydney-siders, it also provides a great advertising opportunity for brands across Sydney.

TorchMedia, the “new kid on the block” was the first out-of- home specialist to jump at this opportunity and have made the new light rail theirs.

Providing a range of solutions for brands looking to raise their profile and increase audience engagement, TorchMedia is a transit out of home specialist with a focus on Light & Heavy rail as well as Ferries, aiming to start a conversation with over two million people on their daily commute to work.

Torch Media has conducted research into the effectiveness and efficiency of train advertising.

With an average commute time of around 1hour and 9 minutes, 67% of people admit that they acknowledge advertising on their daily travels, 57% said that out of home advertising, especially train one is place to grab someone’s attention. A further advantage of advertising on trains is that placements not only catch the attention of the passengers, but also the surrounding cars on the road.

To coincide with the launch of the new Sydney Light Rail, TorchMedia recently hosted an introduction event at Quay bar, Circular Quay and Metropolis was of course represented. I was fortune enough to attend this event with my lovely co-worker Holly.

Not only a great opportunity to network with some of our industry peers, the event was a chance to learn more about TorchMedia’s advertising opportunities.

Offering a high range of high-impact transit formats for effective campaigns, each wrapping option has its own advantages. Below we’ve summarised the benefits of each format:

  • MEGATRAM & FULL WRAPS: Ensures maximum impact and a strong share of voice given the limited inventory
  • TRIPLE CARRIAGE WRAPS: A great alternative to the full wraps, delivering high impact; great creative opportunity
  • MEGASIDES: This format delivers high impact in a similar way to Triple Carriage Wraps however is a slightly more cost efficient option in terms of production and installation. Megasides are a perfect option topair with Portrait Sides in order to balance the impact whilst increasing campaign reach & frequency.
  • PORTRAIT SIDES: This format delivers the highest reach & frequency, offering great creative flexibility by allowing clients to run multiple campaign messages.
  • INTERNALS: Are a cost-effective option which enables clients to capitalise on higher dwell times.

If you would like to learn more about transit out of home opportunities for your next project, get in touch with our team.