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The Task

Build a system to assist the Aussie Marketing team meet the demands of both the Franchise and Mobile Channels in a Local Area Marketing (LAM) environment.

Our Approach

After assessing the company dynamics and the need for a Local Area Marketing system that catered not only for the marketing team but also for the Franchise Channel, Mobile Channel, Franchise Businesses Manager and Regional Managers, Metropolis developed AussieExpress.

Since its launch for flagship client Aussie the system has been further developed into LAMExpress, a customisable Local Area Marketing portal that facilitates the marketing functions for local area lead generation. LAMExpress enables local markets to re-purpose, produce and distribute personalised and localised versions of branded content, collateral, advertising, direct mail, point of sale and merchandise to their local market.

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The Result

“The team at Metropolis had the ability to quickly deliver on the build and implementation of a new online campaign management system, AussieExpress. Since launch, AussieExpress has revolutionised the way in which we deliver local area marketing support to our sales channels. Over 400 Mortgage Advisers using the system now have immediate access and control over their own individual marketing campaigns, increasing user satisfaction. In addition, the automated approval process reduces administrative tasks, allowing our Channel Marketing team to focus on strategic activity and innovative campaigns.” Melissa McCarney Senior Manager Aussie Home Loans Home Loan Acquisition

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