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The Task

Create a name, brand and integrated campaign for Stirling Capital’s 20 storey luxury riverside development in Perth, WA.

Our Approach

The surrounding area of Mount Pleasant is fairly low-scale ensuring that this project will have a significant impact on the local skyline. The brand identity was inspired by the project’s bold and unique architecture and stunning Canning River and district views. The name Cirque (literal meaning ring/circle) relates to the 360º views on offer from the apartments but also provides a platform to talk about a new perspective. A new perspective on urban design, a new outlook on life, a new future for the much loved area. The campaign idea ‘Life from a new perspective’ was reinforced by the striking photography and product imagery by making use of top down videography techniques via drone & CGI animations.

  • Brand
  • Digital
  • Media

The Result

With a slowing housing market in Perth, Cirque is performing better then it’s competitors. The brand and creative has been very well received and since launch, approx 500 leads have been generated with strong interest from overseas. With an offshore marketing campaign set to launch April/May it is anticipated that interest will increase.

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