Our Work


The Task

Refresh the City Finance brand identity to establish a unique positioning in a competitive market and drive acceptance of short term loans as mainstream personal finance.

Our Approach

In a market where on-line companies are proliferating and thriving, City Finance has an edge because they can offer a more personal service through their franchisee shop fronts. For the customer this means that there is always someone you can talk to who is able to be more flexible and accommodating. In essence, ‘you’re talking to Al – not an algorithm’.

The brand was developed around a simple and honest positioning line. “Here when you need us”. We created a whole new look and feel, new store signage, new website augmented with great content and videos and implemented a search & social media campaign to boost site performance and drive leads.

  • Brand
  • Digital
  • Media

The Result

A targeted media strategy utilising paid search, display and social media saw an improvement in overall site performance with general traffic increasing by 35%, organic search increasing by 28% and the number of applications made increasing by 42% when compared with the same period the year prior.

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