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The Task

Rebrand Fairfax’s new Commercial Real Estate portal and present it to the industry as an integrated marketing platform alongside Fairfax’s commercial property print sections in the Australian Financial Review, The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Our Approach

Our insight was that Commercial Real Estate was much more than simply a real estate listings site. With an advertising presence in print and digital media, alongside market commentary from the country’s leading real estate journalists – it was an entirely new commercial real estate marketplace.

The ‘eyeball’ concept was unique, striking and visually disruptive and formed the basis of the new CRE brand. Our campaign idea ‘Changing the way you see Commercial Real Estate’ supported the task of driving unique browsers to the site whilst encouraging our core target audience of commercial real estate agents to utilise Fairfax’s integrated platform to market their listings.

At the core of the campaign is a information portal which serves as a platform for sharing content about the various print and digital advertising options, product features such as the Commercial Real Estate Smartphone App and insightful information, tips and advice on how best to market a property via the Commercial Real Estate marketplace.

  • Brand
  • Digital
  • Media

The Result

The client has requested that all results on this campaign remain confidential.

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