Flour Mill of Summer Hill, EG

Be one in a mill

Scope of Services

  • Strategy
  • Brand
  • Art Direction
  • Digital Design
  • Web Development
  • Print Design
  • Campaign
  • Media

Project Background

The Flour Mill of Summer Hill was a long-awaited urban regeneration project at the heart Summer Hill in Sydney’s Inner West. The former Allied Mills site lay dormant for 10 years prior to EG’s new master planned vision comprising residential apartments, terrace homes, retail, commercial and public space upgrades connecting to the new Summer Hill light rail station.

Our campaign envisioned a place that would unify the community. We saw a place that would connect heritage with modernity, industry with community and passion with ingenuity. We saw a new heart for the suburb contrasting an old soul of a proud and passionate community. We saw a place where people could be ‘one in a mill’.

The project brand remained unchanged for the duration of the project, supporting 4 residential building releases along with commercial and retail leasing activities. Now fully sold and nearing completion, this campaign remains a great example of how building a positive, emotional connection with the local community can support a successful marketing and sales campaign.